Dental Care
Good health starts with good teeth!
Good health starts with good teeth! When teeth and gums are in poor condition, it can cause other more serious medical and behavioral concerns. That’s why we bring expert animal dental care to pets in need. During a dental exam, we check for loose or broken teeth, signs of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Once your pet is ready for cleaning, we use anesthesia to ensure your pet is safe and comfortable. We then thoroughly clean teeth below the gums where plaque and bacteria build up, and perform tooth extractions if necessary. This is a much more thorough cleaning than can be obtained from brushing or dental chews alone.

If you’re not sure if your pet is in need of dental care, our veterinary team can guide you and help you determine how often your pet requires a cleaning. Signs that your pet may be in immediate need of dental care include difficulty chewing, inappetance, red or bleeding gums, sensitivity to touch around the mouth, changes in behavior, and lethargy.

Keep your pet healthy and happy by maintaining their dental health!

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